Our Values


You Are the Church
Faith practice does not get defined by the rules or cultures of a church. Rather, the Gospel message planted in your heart drives people to Christ-likeness. Find more about the Gospel message here.
The Gospel will make you:
Rediscover the precious self
Grow to honour and embrace others in the same way
Live for Jesus because of inevitable passion and love towards Him.


Authenticity Over Perfection
The first family in the Garden of Eden was created in the image and likeness of God-in-three—the community. A metaphor of a family unit is perhaps the best depiction of what safety looks like. We are the children of God that share our Heavenly Father, and all can be redeemed into His family by believing in the sacrificial blood of Jesus that saves us and promises to us the eternal life.
The safety of our community comes from/by:
The foundation of believing in Jesus Christ as the Saviour
Belonging to the Lordship of Jesus as if branches are attached to the vine (John 15:5).
Authentic life with one another and witnessing how God bears fruits no matter how broken we are


You Have Your Own Mission Field
We orient the mission of reaching the lost as a life-centric rhythm instead of establishing various ministries under the roof of our church. We want to send people out to the social reality as servants of God everyday.
In order to make the mission of God as a life-centric rhythm, we value two ideas:

1. Simple Church >> Read More

2. Multiplying Churches

The church multiplication is in our DNA from the beginning. We are committed to crafting the church of tomorrow and we have some experimentation mindset to see what works the best for our generation and the next. At the same time, we want to be organic by listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and being flexible to amend as we progress.
We believe that a simple and genuine church can multiply. Each Living Room shall grow and multiply. All Living Room members gather at Worship Room on Sundays. Once our Living Room numbers increase, we seek to have a new Worship Room else where, and we will form a new church plant with the people. Considering financial factors and real-estate, it is difficult for any church to be more than 100 people in Vancouver, BC to gather in the Public Assembly zoning. There are limited community space and finance is another issue to face. Why not invest in people instead of buildings?This is a simple formula for The Gospel + People = Church.